Materials for Seminar Facilitators

The Guide for Seminar Facilitators attached below includes information designed to assist facilitators of SLC cross-school seminars as they plan and facilitate seminars, including their purpose, common materials, logistics, stipend payment procedures, etc.

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Additional Useful Materials

The following links provide additional materials that are useful to seminar facilitators:
Seminar Email Templates that can be quickly customized and sent to seminar participants prior to each seminar session.
Seminar Agenda Templates for sessions 1, 2, and 3 that can be quickly customized for specific seminars.
Seminar Feedback Form Template that can be quickly customized for specific seminars.
Seminar Follow-up Survey Forms - this survey is administered by GSP several months after each seminar is completed.
Common Seminar Materials Packet that includes all the handouts that are used across all seminars, regardless of topic.
General Current Seminar Information that includes directions to seminar locations, participant lists and seminar dates, brief descriptions of seminars, and additional seminar information that will be provided to participants.